Keenan Goldis

I believe that sausage, when made with skill and ambition, is the most delicious piece of meat. I feel so strongly that I opened up a food trailer, Goldis Sausage Company, after graduating college. I experimented with creative flavors while ensuring that no corners were cut in the production so that the flavor and texture would be exceptional.

The trailer has closed, but the passion remains! I am ready to share my knowledge and passion for sausage with the world! My goal with this website is to showcase interesting flavor combinations and exotic sausages from around the world.

The Beginnings

It all began for me one summer when I successful changed a tire by myself. Feeling a surge of testosterone from my new-found sense of masculinity, I decided it was time to learn to BBQ. I made ribs, chicken, pulled pork, and even brisket. But I knew that it was time to truly challenge myself and make sausage.

Keenan grilling sausages.

After grinding and stuffing meat for the first time, I was very impressed with how much more vibrant the flavor of my spicy Italian sausage was than typical grocery store sausages. This got me thinking: Why not put some weird flavors in there?!

I started making green curry sausage, pad Thai sausage, blueberry maple sausage, and all sorts of other flavors. I began having sausage fests once-per-month so that I could let my friends try all my new experiments. After about a year or so, I knew I was ready to finally go legit and open up a business!

Goldis Sausage Food Trailer
Goldis Sausage Company Grand Opening – 2013

The Food Trailer (Goldis Sausage Company)

I opened up Goldis Sausage Company in downtown Austin during SXSW 2013. Over the course of two years I had great experiences experimenting with all sorts of flavors of sausage. In January of 2015, I realized that it was necessary for me to go into exile from sausage game.

Keenan holding up sausages.
The Escape from Exile – 2018

Escape from Exile

I have decided that now is the time to share my sausage recipes with the world! I want to create fun and interesting flavors that you probably won’t see at your typical butcher. If you have an interesting sausage idea, just send me a message and I just may grind and twist your ideas into sausage.

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